Back to fitness after break…


Till now, I have my Polish blog You can check out for some pictures.There is many information about fitness, healthy food and my motivations.

I had a long break with writing blog. Last post was about finish my Triathlon plan which makes me very proud.  Then I received information that I have to move to US. In my life appear a big turn and all my habits go to hell.

I quit smoking around 3 years ago and in the same time, I highly motivate myself to start run. That how it start


Unfortunately, my running was very slow. Even after many trainings. You will see by yourselves staying with me on this blog that my time for one mail is ridiculous. I am not sure why I can swim, dance, bike but I cannot run fast. Maybe I will find my answer in the US.


Today afternoon is my first run in Kansas. Hope it will go well.

I will report you guys tomorrow my reflection about it. Probably it will be little sad. I had 3 months’ break. Let see !!!!


I belive this blog help me to train my english (sorry for that) and also motivate me to by FIT MORE !!!!

Please see my Instagram and Facebook. I keep their many information about fitmore lifestyle






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