How to quit smoking ?

I have comprehensive experience about how to quit smoking without getting extra pounds.  I have tried to quit smoking about 10 times and the last one (start date:  on 01/01/2013) was successful.  I didn`t get any extra pounds.  I was smoker around 10 years.

I have many friends who fight with this addiction for a long time. Maybe they want to quit, maybe they cannot.  My husband for example is smoker for almost half of his life. It must be hard for him. “There is no failure except in no longer trying”. He learns form failures. He never ceases to amaze me however it costs us an enormous amount of fights.

Why it is happening? 


Because usually we allow ourselves to one more cigarette. No matter whether at a party or in other circumstances.  we take the cigarette with thoughts “This is the last one”.


  • This is the last one
  • I will start again
  • Not this time, I have birthday coming
  • Not now, I have family problems………………


  • If you want to quit smoking: YOU DO NOT NEED THIS ONE. 
  • If you want to end it – YOU DO NOT NEED TO MOVE THE DATE
  • If you want to be free – YOU must RESIST TEMPTATION


Because the last one is never the last. It is invented that way. Once you smoke one, you want another. You will never feel satisfaction after one last cigarette (maybe for few minutes only).  Please remember that!!!  It is too big temptation. This is like a pack of chips. You grab one and want more. I never stop eating after one chips (who does?).   Is there anything better than a cigarette with a cup of coffee? Is there?!?! YES, IT IS: FREEEEDOM J

Once you finally decide that you want to quit smoking (no have to, no family please – just simply – WANT TO)

 Pleas focus on those 3 pillars: 


you must have realized that your metabolic will change. You will be lack of around 200 calories per day less. This you must cut in your daily calories limit. For example:

Women, no active need around 2000-22000 calories /day, so after quit smoking you must eat a 200 calories / day less. You can delete the afternoon snack. Would be perfect 🙂 

Additionally: eat 5 days x-day small portion of food.  Avoid eating sweets (it will be hard, I know) instead of smoke cigarette it is a trap!!!!! If you must eat something, take some raw vegetables (best option- I know it is ever harder) or almond (more calories than vegetables but it will be ok if you add some activity)

And water, water, water, water – around 2,5 l – it helps to clear your body form toxics.


  1. HOBBY 

You should find a hobby which will let you forget about smoking. This this the most important part of the change.  You can start something new and something huge. It can be everything.  You need to buy something in advance to spend your money on this (instead of cigarettes).  Example:

Maybe you always dream about making photos? Buy camera, printer for pictures.  Make thousands of pictures. It will be harder to come back to smoking because your new hobby frozen your money 🙂

I choose sport. Before smoking I have never exercise. I started run, swim and bike. I create a blog in Poland which was very popular. I really enjoy new life style. I feel healthy and breathe better.  My run scores are poor but I still enjoy that I am kind of a runner.

  1. PARTIES and Smoking Friends 

This is a problem and it will be for a long time. I do not want to lie to you. You will feel uncomfortable in companionship of smoker. You will be very angry and anxious. You may even feel that you lost your friends. It is hard and it won’t be any easier. Just be prepared for this. Eventually you will be able to feel calm in front of smoking people. For most time it will be like that :  It’s time for party and you feel like your party never started because you didn’t have a smoke

I start to feel comfort after about 7 months 😉 It was hard. All my friends were smokers.


In the end : GOOD LUCK 🙂 It is good decision. It is worth of your efforts. It is possible, just remember to find something you always wanted to do and direct all your energy to this purpose. I am sure you will mange

::Your endorphins kills the need to smoke a cigarette::


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